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Isa B.
Better than lipgloss.

If you’re looking for a lip balm to really moisturise your lips, look no further, you’ve found the answer.

I had really really dry lips. Especially during winter they were CRACKED. They were absolutely horrible. I was using a regular Nivea lip balm, didn’t really work. Then other brands, same effect, didn’t work, and if they did, they wouldn’t work for long.

Now this one.. WOW.
I applied this and my lips were so pretty. Not only were they not dry or cracked anymore, they were so shiny and glossy. It looked like I had applied a very expensive lipgloss. It applied as a lip balm but feels like an oil when it’s on the lips. It’s as if it melts onto your lips and not only does it look cute, your lips absorb it throughout the day.

My lips have improved so much. Even when I haven’t applied it, my lips are no longer a dry mess.

I was supposed to only use it at night so I wouldn’t wake up with chapped lips, but the glossy look it gives my lips is very pretty so I use it throughout the day now and it’s really pretty!

I recommend it!

Sterre V.E.

Work great against dry lips.


i bite my lips a lot, so it's quite chapped all the time. i only put it on before i sleep and this really helped smooth it out hella fast, absolutely love it


The balm is fantastic, my lips were really dry and just after two times using it, it helped my lips.

Giuliano D.
Very good

Before I bought this product, my lips where a dry wasteland, similiar to the Sahara Desert. In that moment I had to intervene and invest in lip repair.

Since then I am a different person, no more anxiety ridden lip picking till I bleed and ache. No harsh perfumes or sticky feeling, a plus really.

I hope who ever made this, gets they pussy ate or dick sucked, with a nice rimjob too.

My kindest regards,


Sutamas S.

Ceramidin Lipair

Anna K.
Really great

The texture is great, not sticky at all.
You only need a small amount of it for glowing and healthy lips and the texture turns into some sort of an oil after applying it to your lips.
So i'd recommend this product!!

Miss V.
Soft lips

Great product! It hydrates the lips very well!!
Better to use at night before sleep because it forms a white coat in the corner of the lips when you talk to much.


Best option for my lips. Stays longer than the usual lippie I used.

Once a day

Because I love the other Ceramidin products, I tried this lip balm and wasn't expecting too much. I had gotten used to using a balm at least ten times a day. Within three days I only had to apply twice and after two weeks once a day is enough!!! Unbelievable! Yes, there is not a lot of product but you really only need a small amount.
Very happy!

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