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Woow i can't believe it's work.

I really love this product.
Matcha is always my favourite and it's always match with my skin. I love it❤

The perfect serum

The best serum ever.Instead of using 3 different serums,you have everything in just one:Centella Asiatica Extract (77%),Niacinamide, Ascorbic Acid.This saves me so much time ( let’s be honest everybody is struggling with time). Absorbs fast, is light, not sticky. And is 100 ml for a very good price ☺️ So far is my favourite serum. Highly recommend it 👍🏻


This moisturizer is light, not sticky, absorbs quick.Makes my skin look nice. I would be it again. 10 out of 10 👍🏻

Mist Toner
Alya B.

I usually am too lazy to grab cotton pads, so this spray solution is great! Does run out more easily that way tho

Goed maskertje

Ik vond het beter dan de andere 2 maskers van dr.Altea die ik hiervoor geprobeerd had. Essence is cremeachtig. Maskertje zelf is heel zacht en zit lekker op je huid.
(Gaatjes voor de ogen maak ik zelf groter met een schaar zodat mijn wenkbrauwen niet onder masker zitten.)
Ik zou niet wachten op super "brightening effect" van dit masker, maar goed hydrateren en voeden doet het wel.

Love it

Is very hydratating. I do nanonedeling whith it. So far i am happy wht it.


Ik gebruik deze creme nu al meer dan een week en ik vind het helemaal geweldig. Je huid wordt er super zacht door en je hebt super weinig creme nodig. Enorme (acne)gevoelige huid maar geen enkel puistje of uitslag van gekregen! Top product!!


My face felt soo hydrated after my cleanse. Love itt

Very good sunscreen

It is not too watery, it is just right, if I may say a thick sunscreen with SPF 50, that is just awesome. The number indicates the minutes where the sunscreen protects the skin, after 50 minutes the protections goes down, and as is suggested you can re-apply the sunscreen after two hours. Also when you wear make up, just apply a bit of sunscreen first on top of your hand and then blend it with a beauty blender very carefully on you face. It would be nice if this sunscreen would have also a spray version. The sunscreen has also a very pleasant smell, very fresh.

Very rare and good toner

The consistency of the this toner is something that I have never seen before in a toner. It is just so thick and it smells very clean. After use your skin feels soft and takes away the excess oil on your face

Totally worth the hype

My bf’s favorite! Added this to his skincare routine. Now he can’t live without it.

so good

the hype around this sunscreen is worth it!! it doesn't feel greasy but it hydrates, there is no whitecast and it doesn't burn the eyes. plus it's 100% on yuka app! however the product was bigger in my head


It works very good, really calming eyepatches and makes my undereye feel hydrated.

I love it!

A really gentle cleanser, leaves my skin soft and clean. I use it and my teenager uses it, it works well for both!

Essence Toner
Jana N.

I really love this toner ... its gentle, but really effective, it makes my skins soft and hidrated. It is a bit more consistent than some toners, I use it just with my hands, without cotton pads. I highly recommend it!


Works really good, in one week i could already see difference

Rijke crème

Prettig product voor mij droge huid. Weet nog niet of het voldoende is voor de wintermaanden. Trekt goed in de huid. Enig minpuntje is de opening van de tube. Geen opening zoals je altijd ziet, maar afgesloten waardoor het product er niet soepel en gelijkmatig uitkomt. Trekt vacuüm.

Love this

I literally love this oil cleanser. I recommend not using this in the morning because it is a bit too much for in the morning. But overall this is perfect for at night

Love it

This is the first time trying a sunscreen. I love this sunscreen but it is a bit on the heavy and thick side. But that doesn’t really bother gives my skin a shiny look

Black Snail Restore Cream


Great cotton pads

Okra Phyto Mucin Cleansing Gel Foam

A good cleaning which does it's job as described. Good size bottle with easy pomp for application.


I love this product ❤️. It is hydrating, soothing and overall amazing. It’s so lightweight, i find myself applying layers of this thing. That’s how amazing this product is. Plus it’s worth every penny, 150 ml is a generous size for a product this good. My skin feels instantly bouncier and supple with just one layer of this. I know it’s a huge claim to make but honestly that’s what if feels like whenever i put this on.

Its wonderful!

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