Shipping Information

Korean-Skincare delivers your package quickly, safely and 6 days a week from our own warehouses in Europe. We ship every day from Monday through Friday. Ordered before 13:00, and we will deliver your package the same day in the Netherlands. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding shipping!

Bezorgschema Nederland

Order geplaatstOrdered Before 13:00Ordered between 13:01 ~ 23:59
Geleverd MaandagDelivered Monday  Delivered Tuesday  
Geleverd DinsdagDelivered Tuesday  Geleverd Woensdag
Geleverd WoensdagGeleverd WoensdagGeleverd Donderdag
Geleverd DonderdagGeleverd DonderdagDelivered Friday 
Geleverd VrijdagDelivered Friday Geleverd Zaterdag*
Geleverd Zaterdag / ZondagGeleverd MaandagGeleverd Maandag

Orders placed before 13:00 Monday To Friday are delivered the same day in the Netherlands. **

**Same day delivery is temporarily not possible for all Amsterdam zip codes starting with 110 (110X-XX), these packages will arrive the next day.

** Home / Same day delivery is not possible to businesses, hotels or student residences based on DHL's same day delivery policy (these locations are often not reachable after 18:00). Please choose office hour delivery for these locations.

*Orders placed on Friday before 22:30 are still delivered on Saturday in the netherlands.

Bezorgschema EU

Below are the estimated shipping times in working days if your order is placed before 22:30 from Monday to Friday. 

We ship your orders the same day if placed before 22:30. If your order is placed on Saturday or Sunday, your order will be shipped out on Monday.

Verzend kosten

LandVerzend kostenFree Shipping
NL€ 2.95€ 40
EU1€ 3.95€ 50
EU2€ 6.95€ 50
EU3€ 11.95€ 100

EU zone 1:   Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Poland, 

EU zone 2:  Bulgaria, Croatia,  Estonia, France, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Portugal**, Romania, Spain**, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia

EU zone 3:   Serbia, Greece,Malta*

*Please be aware that Shipping times for Greece and Malta are highly irregular, possible taking up to 2 weeks of delivery times.

** We only ship to Mainland Spain and Portugal.

***A Remote Area Surcharge may be applicable in rare occasions. It is an additional fee applied by couriers for shipments made to a locations that the courier deems to be in remote areas. Remote is defined as islands and highlands; or a post code/zip code that is difficult to serve. We will contact you in the event a surchage is applicable for your order.

Where do we ship to & Shipping cost

Country      Verzend kostenGratis verzending
Austria€ 3.95€ 40
 Belgium€ 3.95€ 40
Bulgaria€ 6.95€ 50
Croatia€ 6.95€ 50
Czech Republic € 3.95€ 40
Denmark € 3.95€ 40
Estonia€ 6.95€ 50
Finland€ 6.95€ 50
France€ 6.95€ 50
Germany€ 3.95€ 40
Greece€ 10.95€ 100
Hungary € 6.95€ 50
Ireland€ 6.95€ 50
Italy€ 6.95€ 50
Latvia€ 6.95€ 50
Lithuania€ 6.95€ 50
Luxembourg€ 3.95€ 40
Malta€ 10.95€ 100
Monaco€ 6.95€ 50
Netherlands€ 2.95€ 40
Poland€ 3.95€ 40
Portugal€ 6.95€ 50
Romania€ 6.95€ 50
Slovakia€ 3.95€ 40
Slovenia€ 6.95€ 50
Spain€ 6.95€ 50
Sweden€ 6.95€ 50
Switzerland€ 19.95€ 50

Shipping methods

The Netherlands

Delivered by DHL, DPD, PostNL or GLS

Your order will be delivered by DHL or GLS on working days between 9 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. and on Saturdays during the day. If you are not at home with the first delivery, the package will be offered to the neighbors if possible. If this does not work, the package will be delivered directly to a pick-up location. You will receive a message about this in your letterbox. The package is still available for 7 days at the pick-up location.


Delivered by DHL, DPD or GLS

Your order will be delivered by DHL, DPD or GLS on working days between 9 AM and 9:30 PM and on Saturdays during the day. If you are not at home with the first delivery, the package will be offered to the neighbors if possible. You will receive a message in your mailbox.

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