Brands you can't miss this summer!


Hey lovely KS readers! Get ready to soak up some summer must-haves as we dive into our favorite brands for the season. These little powerhouses are absolute must-haves for your summer routine, bringing brightness, hydration, and a soothing touch to your precious skin.

If you're curious to find out which brands are our summer all-stars take a scroll with us in this blog and discover what your summer routine just might be missing. 


If you're looking for a great brand that focuses on addressing skin concerns, you absolutely need to check out SKIN&LAB.

At SKIN&LABs core is the skin barrier, their products not only address concerns they also focus on strengthening and maintaining a healthy skin barrier

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

One of their top products, the popular Vitamin C Brightening Serum, has a unique formulation that combines Vitamin C and Retinol, making it a sensation in the skin care world. The combination of these two ingredients evens out visible dark spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. This serum works for all skin types and can fit perfectly into both day and night routines. 

Barrierderm Think Family Sunscreen

While we love a good serum, this next new product from SKIN&LAB has caught our eye due to its family friendly label. The Barrierderm Think Family Sunscreen, is a must-have not only because of its SPF protection, but because it's a safe on the go product that is usable for the entire family. Due to its gentle formulation this product is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The cherry on top to this product is that it's also a barrier reef safe product which is perfect for summer beach vacations.

Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Cream

The last summer must-have from SKIN&LAB that has made our list is the Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Cream. Keeping the skin hydrated during summer is important, and this cream does just that, its dewy hydration in a jar. Featuring Panthenol, it locks in moisture and uses B12 bubble capsules that aid in even skin tone while also preventing pigmentation. This is a great summer option for sensitive, dry skin that needs some extra love this summer. 


Our next brand is Instree which is most famously known for its super popular Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel, this is a powerhouse SPF that hydrates the skin but leaves no white cast and absorbs very quickly after applying. Which this is a great summer product, but we wanted to take a look at some of Isntree's other summer must-haves. 

Green Tea Fresh Toner

Of course on our must-have list is the ultra popular Green Tea Fresh Toner by Instree. This is one of the top summer must haves for oily skin. This product is magic in a bottle when it comes to taking away excessive sebum, and mattifying the skin. Its star ingredient Green Tea works to calm the skin, and help to soothe acne

Chestnut LHA Jelly Cleansing Oil

This month we are also welcoming in some new summer must-haves from Isntree. This next recommendation is a must for all nighttime routines, Isntrees Chestnut LHA Jelly Cleansing Oil. If you aren't currently using a cleansing oil, it's essential to start. During summer, we tend to sweat more which in turn can cause more clogged pores. Summer also causes the skin to produce more excuse oils and sebum. Which is why oil cleansing aids in thoroughly cleansing the skin and pores. This new LHA oil cleanser from Isntree deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out.

Hyaluronic Acid Water Mist

The next travel summer must-have is mists! Isntree has revamped the look of their super hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Water Mist, but their formula has stayed the same - ultra moisturizing. Mists are perfect for travel, especially to use on plane trips, the spray system mists use make it hassle-free and super easy to use. This mist works wonderfully on plane rides since the humidity levels of planes are lower than average and cause the air and skin to be more dry. Whether you're looking to regulate oil production, revamp your cleansing routine or add a boost of hydration Isntree has you covered this summer. 


The last brand that has made our summer must-have list is Dr.Ceuracle. This brand is where science and nature collide. Dr.Ceuracle believes that the scientific formulas that are used in each product should use natural ingredients at is base. Dr. Ceuracle also understands that it is extremely important to stay up to date with skin studies, this is why they use dermatological tests for each of their products

Hyal Reyouth Moist Sun

Dr.Ceuracle is most famously known for its Kombucha line, however this summer we have some new must-haves that are worth trying out. First on our list is the Hyal Reyouth Moist Sun, this serumesque sunscreen absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a white cast. It has a light very pleasant floral scent, and leaves the skin moisturized without feeling heavy making it a great summer option. 

Hyal Reyouth Ampoule

The next product up is the Hyal Reyouth Ampoule, this amouple is perfect for plumping the skin and firming tired skin which results in a refreshed summer look. This must-have is great for dry skin types or dehydrated skin, it provides intense lasting hydration for hot summer days.

Hyal reouth Night Cream

Our last Dr. Ceuracle must-have mention is the Hyal Reyouth Night Cream. This cream is used to improve the skin barrier and helps to keep moisture locked in. This is the perfect thirst quencher for dry skin. These three products when combined make a great summer routine. 

Whether you're in the mood to jazz up your skincare regimen with a fresh serum, eyeing a new cleanser or stepping up your sunscreen game; these must-haves are worth checking out. 

We hope you have a wonderful summer season! 

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