How to build a skincare routine for spring


Spring is here, and it’s time to welcome the start of the sunshine seasons. During winter, due to the colder weather, thicker moisturizers and heavier hydrating products are usually preferred. However, just like how spring brings a light, fresh feel to the world, it’s also best to switch your routine to lighter and more gentle products

How to build a skincare routine and figuring out how to use the correct skincare products can already be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why in this blog we’re giving our top spring recommendations and tips for the 4 most common skin types: Oily, Combination, Normal, and Dry. It’s time to say goodbye to dull winter skin and hello to a fresh, dewy complexion. 

1. Bring back gentle cleansers!

Let’s talk about the first and most crucial step in your skincare routine – cleansing! Cleansers clean and prep the skin for the next products in your routine, and choosing the wrong cleanser can damage your skin barrier

Signs of the wrong cleanser 

Finding the most suitable cleanser for your skin type can be hard, but these tips might make it a little bit easier. If your cleanser is making your face feel tight, then it’s time to switch things up with a gentler and less drying cleanser. Is your face making you feel itchy after cleansing? That feeling isn’t the cleanser working, your skin is saying this product is not suitable. It’s best to test out new products behind your ear(s), this way if there is a reaction it appears on a less sensitive and obvious part of the skin. 

These are our top favourite spring cleansers working from oil, combination, normal and dry skin types are:

2. Time to exfoliate!

Just like how spring brings the fresh revival of new beginnings, using the right exfoliator is important to aid in removing dead skin cells, without overwhelming the skin. When incorporating an exfoliator into your spring routine, start slowly and give your skin time to adjust. We recommend only exfoliating once a week and feel out your skin’s tolerance, depending on this you might increase or decrease how often you exfoliate.

While there are plenty of options when it comes to exfoliators, we’ve picked these as our top spring choices based on their gentle formulations, minimalist ingredient list, and most importantly they get the job done. Whether you’re new to exfoliating or a seasoned pro, these are some additions to your spring routine that you won’t want to miss. 

3. Step up your serum

Next up, it’s time to take a look at these game-changing serums. Serums work to give the skin some extra love and nourishment. This is especially important during spring because the skin has been exposed to the harsher winter climate. With transitioning into sunnier weather, your skin is ready for a fresher, plumper appearance. 

For our spring serum recommendations, we’re listing them from thinnest to thickest consistency. This way we cover light to heavy and everything in-between when it comes to serums. Our top spring routine serums are:

4. Switch to lightweight moisturizers

During the winter, a thick and heavy moisturizer can leave the skin feeling nourished and protected. However, as the weather starts to warm up, thick moisturizers can leave the skin feeling too heavy and greasy. That’s why during spring, it's best to pick a light and more breathable moisturizer

We’ve selected these moisturizers as our spring picks because they are not too heavy on the skin, are gentle, and also have minimal ingredient lists:

5. Use SPF!

SPF is one of the most important products you can put on your skin. With winter coming to an end, if you’ve slacked on your sunscreen game, we’re not judging. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to look at reincorporating sunscreen into your spring routine. This way, you can enjoy the sun without worrying about damaging your skin.

For our last spring skincare routine product picks, we are listing our sunscreens from: oily, combination, normal and ending with dry skin type:

Spring-skincare ready!

Figuring out how to build a skincare routine and selecting the most suitable skincare products for your skin can be quite a challenge. With our product recommendations and guidelines on what products would work best for spring, we hope this blog can help you build your own spring routine. 

Whether you have just started to build your routine or are just looking to freshen up your current routine, hopefully this spring your skin is as fresh as the weather. Our last tip is: for any product you might use when in doubt, test it out!

Have a lovely spring everyone! 🌸🌼

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